Import-Export Training Program (With NiryatMitra)

In Import-Export training program, we are providing two day's workshop for clients, first day we provide the details about export import business and its documentation, and second day we organize market visit which gives you knowledge about product packaging & stuffing, roll of CHA (Custom House Agent) etc. Considering the growing opportunities and booming demand for Export and Import sector, we provide the continual training workshop of Import and Export Business so as to give the participants an insight of International Trade. Statistics show that many Indian entrepreneurs are looking forward to expand their business at International level cover the higher profit margins. Hence, we are offering the workshop in Import and Export Management which cover the overall International Business fundamentals.

Points covered

  • Introduction about Export-Import
  • Firm Documentation
  • EXIM Statistics
  • Four pillars of EXIM: (Product/Packer/Stuffing Station/CHA)
  • ECGC & Finance
  • Export / Import Procedures
  • Delivery & Payment Terms in Export
  • Banking & Incentives
  • EXIM Marketing & Customer Finding